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Консультация по брендингу, неймингу и запуску бизнеса
Logo design
and corporate identity for Buzzalt
Buzzalt — San Francisco based company, developing software for data visualization, data flows, process control and consulting . We created logo design and corporate identity. The main players on the market don't propose web-solutions for the visualization process or to confine the configuration process. Free software needs serious efforts for inclusion and often didn't have the full range of functions. The Buzzalt will have the integration with the main frameworks.
We relied on the metaphors of data flows, dynamic and information conversion in the logo design process.
Sky-blue and purple were selected as the main corporate colours. The colours gives the feeling of the piece and confidence.
It was very easy and pleasant cooperation. Polite and punctual team always pay attention of the customer's demand. We defined the task and agreed the result very fast. The selected concept were elaborated to the appropriate solution in several quick iterations. The result is 10/10!
Max Lichmanov, Founder of Buzzalt