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Designing a logotype and a label for Greek olive oil
Designing a logotype for Cretan El Greco trademark and a label for its bottles
of olive oil. Crete is generally believed to be the first Greek region to grow olive trees on purpose of producing oil.

Making the logo, we referred to stylised olive wreath: the prize for winners
at the ancient Olympic games.
Label of the olive oil
We've designed unique label for bottles of two sizes. It is based on both elegant lettering and illustration of an olive branch.

Although the product has distinct regional roots we omitted any traditional Greek patterns or fonts.
Label of the olive oil design
The label was designed for consumers who've already got an opinion about the product. We don't make any experiments with colours and shapes. We make a classic move: a stereotype of high quality lets win audience's attention at once.
Designing the labels of the olive oil
We admit the whole style is rather common for the indusry, yet we believe we've creatd unique and original design of the label. It would stand out on the shelf and attract views.

Any customer evaluates a label (of an olive oil) as the most important criterion choosing goods.
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