Brand identity
for a family clinic
Familine is health clinics for families offered a comprehensive approach. Our goal
was to make a rebranding completely changed the existing design concept.
We developed the minimalistic sign inspired by the European style of the clinic. Metaphors of care, sprout and ripe flower represent new life. Violet, pale pink and light blue colours are set the clinic
out of competitors. We also proposed soft but confident font to logotype.
An egg as an element of the logotype represents a new life and is used as a pattern
to combine all elements together.
Thank you for your understanding and final customer focus!
Apart from some misunderstanding at the final stage of the project, I can say that I enjoyed working with Voronoi!
I can say that your work, especially at the stage of forming the brand concept,
impressed me.
And not only me, but also some of your future customers with whom I consulted.
I wish you further progress in your business!
Dmitriy Lukin, Familine