Бесплатная консультация
Консультация по брендингу, неймингу и запуску бизнеса
Naming and logo design
for an air tickets booking app
Most App is a new, ambitious startup on the market for booking air tickets. The company proposes tickets from more than 150 air companies around the world. Users can plan a trip on favorable terms on the website or use the app.
We have developed a service name and a logo design. The idea is simply — a bridge that connects people, continents and dreams ("most" means bridge in Russian language). For English-speaking users name is in the meaning of "best", "greatest".
In the logo we reflected the stylized image of a bird that is the symbol of freedom, ease, speed, lack of boundaries. The attentive viewer will notice the letter M in the center
of the sign.
We suggested blue and white as corporate colors. This colors are associated with the sky and clouds and create a strengthening sense
of confidence between the user and the company.