Naming, logo design
and label design for a brand
of natural drinks.

We have developed a new integrated branding strategy of natural drinks specifically for the European market . N+T+R+L — juices and nectars from natural berries and fruits without additives, with minimal sugar and maximum benefit. The product is aimed at the segment of the European audience leading a healthy lifestyle.
логотип службы доставки
N + T + R + L — a stylized and original brand name, abbreviation of the word NATURAL. It carries a positive semantics and a formula of natural components.
The brandmark — brush lettering, which could have been drawn by a child. Brand image — simple, intuitive, without unnecessary frills and extra images. The logo reflects the natural character of the product and resonates with the target audience.
The design of the label represented by the combination of watercolor graphics, handmade fonts and badges. This graphics emphasizes the naturalness of the product.