Project cost
Logo design 2 + 1 concepts
Corporate colours
Corporate fonts
Stylistic pattern
Communication templates (5 templates by choice)
Brand identity guidelines
Timeframe — 10-15 days
How it works
Short explanation what you'll get in this package
Logo Design 2+1
The logo design process contains 2 main rounds of iterations. For the first round, you'll get 2 brand identity concepts based on your brief. After analyzing the feedback, we'll show one more concept in case we missed the point. This round may include a completely new logo design or an improved one from the first presentation.
Corporate colors
We'll develop a corporate palette with main and additional colors. The idea is to select a suitable amount of color choices while maintaining the overall style integrity. Usage will be described in guidelines.
Corporate fonts
We'll find a perfect font pair and describe how to use it in headlines and main text areas. A correctly matched set will underline the authenticity of the brand and help to get the company's message across.
Stylistic pattern
Recognizable corporate pattern or graphic elements or design principles. With a case-by-case approach, we will create unique visual characteristics tailored to your business goals.
Communication templates
Essential templates to build a strong connection from your brand to your customers and partners. Select 5 preferred marketing materials to tell your brand story with the new visual language. Including square template, horizontal template, and vertical template.
Brand Guideline
Usage of the logo, colors, fonts, stylistic patterns, and communication templates in one clear document. All the deliverables will be prepared in several widely used formats in order to make the design kit ready to launch.