Visual communications design general principle development
Rosselkhozbank is one of the largest and stable banks of Russia by the amount of assets and capital. In 2014 Rosselkhozbank entered the rating of world major banking brands for the first time.

Creation of a single principle in advertising communication design is focused on revealing vivid individual brand's features. Adherence to traditions of good teamwork, laborious and humane nature of Rosselkhozbank's brand draws its inspiration from nature, traditions, history.

Promotional materials design reflect the state of spring, development. Text message platform is made in the form of sprouts and leaves. It's a vivid and active image shining with power and optimism.
Flexible system for information units makes it possible to create a uniform image in any formats: from a booklet to a billboard.
Renewed principle of fonts use based on the contrast blends of one set.
Visual communications tonality is updated. Canary-yellow, deep green, and white.
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