The Development of a Corporative Style and a Logo for Fitness Tours

SALT – exclusive fitness tours to Mexico for women from the United States. The participants are engaged in fitness, yoga, hiking, and meditation for several days. It is an incredible chance to leave the daily routine for several days to stay alone with your thoughts and like-minded people.
Our task was to create a graphic image for SALT that would appeal to female audience, associate with adventures, but without too extreme ideas.
We used the image of a wave because it is dynamic enough to tell about the adventures, but monolithic and assembled any second, when considering it separately. We supported the image of the wave with a decorative element in the letter A in the company's name. Celadon and navy blue are the main colors of the brand, in spite of the fact that it looks paradoxical. We created an original visual style of the project by combining these elements.
The corporate style of the project is clear and elegant without unnecessary decorations.
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