Why there's a hamster in the logo of a popular porn site?

The third most popular pornographic site has renewed its logo. The process took more than a year, many designers and studios participated in it. There's also been contests at many crowdsourcing platforms.
редизайн логотипа xhamster
The new logo is on the right side.
xhamster logo
Full version
Design is a highly subjective matter, so we'd better drop the discussion of the quality of the logo out of this article.

Our studio was also invited to redesign the logo and here's what we've done. The key requirement for the new mascot was to be horny.

The first thing we do from the start are sketches, searching for shapes and characters.
xhamster sketches
We've tried to look for different options from all possible angles, as you can see on the gif. Some hamsters there are geometric, some are joyful, or horny, or kind, or even a bit weird.

So why is there a hamster in the logo of one of the largest websites in the whole world? The metaphor is that hamster collects corn in his cheeks just as the porn site collects users' content on its servers.

After final re-polishing, we have these options:
A symbol where the name of the site can be easily read
Winking hamster
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